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HONYAKU SERVICES is a Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese technical document translation provider, specializing in Japanese localization.
Our Japanese localization specialist had prior knowledge as Japanese localization tester who had experience in testing the function of the servers, games, applications, GUI, language and functional Quality Assurance testing that includes the Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation of help files and documentation.

In Japanese localization (l10n) we focus on the review of translated contents, we find the inconsistent terms of the same product on the Help file, Graphical User Interface (GUI), context, dialogue boxes, error messages, read me/ tutorials, user manuals, release notes, installation guide etc and correct the inconsistency.

We provide the certificate of Japanese translation with our corporate seal and signature as per your government official requirement.


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Japanese Translation Interpretation Service Bangalore HONYAKU SERVICES

HONYAKU SERVICES is specialized in Japanese – English-Japanese – translation provider specialized in the project for Japanese English medical document translation, Japanese medical and pharmaceutical document translation, Japanese semiconductor document translation, Japanese industrial document translation, Japanese electronics document translation, Japanese machinery document translation, Japanese biotechnology document translation, Japanese medical devices document translation, Japanese English electronics automotive and Industrial document translation, Japanese M& A market for foreign and Japanese companies.  Our Cost is negotiable for a very large Japanese translation project.

Our system is focused on quality quick delivery and cost, we hire a large number of Japanese translators as we provide only the Japanese-English-Japanese translation services. We deal with big companies for translation-related to mergers & acquisitions, as well as takeovers, where the volume of documents that need to be translated can be enormous. HONYAKU SERVICES has access to several hundred skilled translators and can handle jobs only in the Japanese to English to Japanese translation pair.

Even we can provide the translator who can maintain a high quality of translation across all fields and can support at your company. Needless to say that we are known for faster delivery.  We aim for a specialized glossary database for every translation to ensure consistency.

Our price is not only the translation but also included review by another bilingual target translator. HONYAKU SERVICES have translators and editors working on the same project.  We always maintain and focus on the consistent glossary to the translation which we had already done to ensure consistency. Therefore we are able to deliver quick translation services.

Outsourcing is becoming much more cost-effective and efficient than hiring internal translators, so we are getting many outsourced translation projects recently. We have enough freelance native translators that can deliver translation from English to Japanese or Japanese to English quickly for very large M& A between two Japanese global companies.  Honyaku services can handle the translation for a takeover in the IT, mobile telephone businesses. We are prepared for very short deadlines of Japanese translation. Our Japanese translation is based on quality being the most important, deadline is 2nd and final 3rd is the cost.